School Council 2019-20

School Council Leaders

 Class 1: Woody and Emily

 Class 2: Connie and Libby

 Class 3: Lauren and Maizy

 Class 4: Zavier and Naomi

 Class 5: Thalia and Reuben

Mirs garlick leads our School Council.

Focus of next meeting: National Parliament Week and Fundraising


Focus of next meeting: National Parliament Week and Fundraising

Notes from the last meeting

What is parliament week?

Mrs Garlick has requested that school council organise some events both for the whole school and in class which would be linked to democracy. School council will discuss in class and at the next meeting. 


Children  were to think about what kinds of charities we would like to support this year. Currently the only one we have decided upon is Save the Children (Christmas Jumper Day).

Local Community

A request to become more invovled in the local community. The questions will be put to children in each class and be brought to the next meeting. 

School Council Trip

In February 2019, our KS2 children in School Council visited the Mayoral Offices in Kirklees and met the Mayor and her staff. The children went into the chambers and had a talk about the role of the Mayor within Kirklees and about how democracy works both in Kirklees and the wider UK. Our children were prasied by the mayor for their insightful questions. After their visit, School Council, were so entralled by the idea of leadership that they invited the Mayor to come to visit Helme and speak to the whole school...and she accepted!

In March 2019, the Mayor came to our school and spoke about leadership and what her role entails on a daily basis. She spoke in detail to KS2 and encouraged them to really persue careers and challenges they are passionate about!