Helme C of E Academy Breakfast Club

Helme School’s Breakfast Club is organised to offer your child/children a healthy breakfast and to start the day in a relaxed, sociable atmosphere.  Below you will find some general information about the club and how it runs.  If you are thinking of registering your child for the club, please complete the registration form obtainable from the school office or it can be downloaded from the useful forms section of the website and return it to school as soon as possible.

* The club is run in the school and by the school.  It is staffed by established members of our staff who, in addition to knowing school routines and procedures, are also already familiar with our children in school.

* The club runs from 7:45am until 8:50am and is payable via Parentpay one week in advance. Please check with the school office the current price per session. If, for any reason, your child cannot attend we ask you to telephone school (Tel: 01484 854524) to let us know.  There is an answer machine to take your message. 

*Children should be accompanied to Breakfast Club and signed in by an adult.  It is not suitable to have children walking up the field on their own so early in the morning.

*A selection of healthy choices is available for breakfast.  These vary each day and include: - ReadyBrek, cereal, crumpets, beans on toast, scrambled egg, toast (with spread, jam or honey), raisins, fresh fruit and fromage frais.  Beverages include: - milk, orange/apple juice and water. 

* Breakfast is served until 8.30am

* A number of games, books and construction toys are always available to entertain the children once they have eaten their breakfasts.

*All infant children will remain in the Breakfast Club until they are escorted in to their classroom at 8:50am.