School Meals

 Primary schools serve a two course meal at a current set price of £2.35.The menu is currently on three weekly cycle with menu details published below.

  • School meals are freshly prepared each day, on the same premises, using high quality, locally sourced food.
  • Each school has an individual menu designed in consultation with the head teacher, pupils and parents.
  • It is very important for all children to eat a healthy, balanced diet. Research has shown that a child's concentration levels are much greater if they have eaten a healthy, balanced meal at lunchtime.

    All of our menus include:

  • Fresh seasonal fruit & vegetables
  • Local produce
  • Organic food items
  • Farm assured meat
  • Free range eggs
  • At least 75% freshly prepared
  • No undesirable additives
  • Sustainable fish
  • In addition to this we limit foods high in fat, sugar and salt such as deep fried foods and items containing pastry. We include oily fish, wholegrains and fruit based desserts. A freshly prepared salad bar is available each day as an optional extra.

 If your child has a special dietary requirement or has an allergy to any food items, please consult with the head teacher at your school who will liaise with the school's kitchen supervisor to ensure your child is catered for. 

School Meals Menu 2022-2023

School Menu Week 1


School Menu Week 2


School Menu Week 3