EYFS Curriculum

Aims of our approach to Early Years

To provide a structured, secure, caring and well-resourced learning environment both inside and out which meets all the individual developmental needs of ‘young learners’ and underpins all future learning

 To enable them to become confident, motivated and happy learners, developing the skills and attitudes necessary for their own successful future learning.

  To enable their early development to take place within the caring and nurturing environment of Helme C of E Academy, in line with the ethos and values, which the school upholds and promotes

  To develop independence and individuality, whilst fostering respect and tolerance for others irrespective of ability, race, creed, gender or background. Children are working towards the Early Learning Goals through both child and adult led activities and challenges. 

Please open the document to see the Characteristics of Effective Learning which we promote in our setting.


In order to achieve the above objectives Helme C of E Academy staff and governors will provide a curriculum for the last year of EYFS (reception) based on the following principles, which will establish the foundations that underpin all future learning:
•    at the core, place the development of positive attitudes and dispositions towards learning and foster the development of positive behaviour and social interaction skills;

•    promote and develop personal, social and emotional well being;

•    encourage the development of self-confidence and positive self-awareness;

•    enable children to develop the skills of attention, concentration and persistence;

•    place speech, language and communication at the heart of learning;

•    lay the foundations for developing reading and writing;

•    develop early mathematical skills and concepts;

•    develop an understanding of the world in which children live;

•    enable children to be creative in their responses to their world and in their development of skills;

•    encourage children to develop their imagination through the exploration of media and materials;

•    Promote healthy and safe physical development – both gross and fine motor;
•    Encourage independence and ownership of own learning


If you would like more informtion about our EYFS curriculum, please read the policy below or contact the school office for more details.