Religious Education

How do we teach RE?

At Helme C of E Academy we follow the Leeds Diocese Syllabus alongside the Understanding Christianity resources. As a Church of England Academy 2/3 of our curriculum is based in Christian teaching. The three other religions which we study in depth are Islam (KS1), Hinduism (LKS2) and Judaism (UKS). RE is taught weekly by class teachers, as a core subject. Pupils at Helme are taught in Key Stages, and follow a rolling programme of learning to ensure full coverage of the syllabus.

RE Long Term Plan 2023-2024


Church of England Statement of Entitlement


Why do we teach RE?

Religious Education is a fantastic lens through which we can introduce children to our wonderful cultural and religiously diverse world. Through this area of the curriculum we can support the development of all our children at Helme to develop to be inclusive, caring, responsible and active citizens.

RE tackles the big issues of our world such as understanding, acceptance, respect and care for others. Teaching RE gives us a way to support children debate and develop oracy skills as well as religious literacy.

As a Church of England Academy, we adhere to the Statement of Entitlement which promotes the teaching of RE as a core subject. Challenging issues are discussed in this subject and being in the news on a daily basis means RE has never been more relevant for ensuring a brighter future. It goes to the very heart of what it means to be human.

Reception Children designed and built their own church