Welcome to Helme CE (VA) Junior & Infant School

Helme is a small primary school nestled in a glorious position overlooking the foothills of the Pennines.

The school runs a Breakfast Club to allow children to start school early and benefit from a hearty breakfast.

Jellies, an independent out of school club, runs after school in the Church in Linthwaite.  Jellies staff pick up children both directly after school and are aiming to pick up at the end of after school activities in the near future. For more information about Jellies visit their website here.

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Cycling at Helme

'Go Ride' and 'Learn 2 Ride' Pennine Sports Partnership cycling programmes

In anticipation of the Tour De Yorkshire, on Monday 27th April 2015, all the children in Class 3 and Class 4 brought their bikes to school and participated in the 'Go Ride' and 'Learn 2 Ride' Pennine Sports Partnership cycling programmes.

In the morning, we had two smaller groups of children who were less confident or non-riders. These children participated in Learn 2 Ride, their progress was amazing and within 30 minutes we had several children cycling around our playground. The children learnt the 4 steps to learning to cycle:

  1. Scoot.
  2. Scoot then balance, with feet off the floor using a bike without pedals.
  3. Scoot then balance, with feet off the floor and resting on pedals.
  4. Scoot then balance, with feet off the floor and resting on pedals, then feet turning the pedals.

Then later, three groups of children participated in the Go Ride Off Road Coaching programme. The children learnt how to do a basic cycle safety check and how to mount a cycle safely from the pavement. They also learnt how to brake, signal and corner. Then the children had the chance to participate in several cycle races on our field. Firstly in small groups, then in a mass start just like the professionals in the Tour de Yorkshire.

Helme Election - 5 May 2015

Helme School have run their own election.  There was a proper polling booth and everyone had a ballot paper.  Mr Codling had made sure that children were aware of the education polices of the 5 main political parties and also their views on the age at which people should vote.  

The votes were counted and the results were as follows:

Conservative Party:  52 votes ie 36%

Green Party:  41 votes ie 26%

Labour Party:  31 votes ie 22%

UKIP:  14 votes ie 10%

Liberal Democrats:  4 votes ie 3%

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Stop Press

Monday 29 June – Classes 1 & 2 visit The Zone

Monday 29 June – Year 4 to visit the Sports Barn

Monday 29 June – Some Year 5 children visit Moor End Academy

Tuesday 30 June at 1 pm – School Nurse to visit Year 6 re Measurement programme

Tuesday 30 June at 2.30 pm – School Council meet

Wednesday 1 July pm – Sports Day

Friday 3 July at 9.10 am – Class 1 Sharing Assembly

Saturday 4 July – Meltham Memories

Please look in the Virtual Office and then the Calendar for dates in the future and holiday dates for the next academic year